About Mister Mildor

In the fall of 2007, Founder Alan Mildor discovered his passion for photography. As a self-taught visionary, Alan Mildor created his photo portfolio, which contains portraits, high fashion, and street photography. Alan's tag name was Mister Mildor in which is inspired by paying homage to his late father. Alan Mildor got hired for doing commissioned work for clients such as Fader Magazine, Vinnies Styles, Coco and Breezy, ALIFE, XXL Magazine, and more.

After searching for a better way to tell his authentic story through the lens of his camera, Alan Mildor had a love for documenting stories whether it was a photograph taking in the streets of Flatbush Brooklyn from his one of many digital cameras or a video clip he shot for his b-roll library which he would add to his vlogs—so setting his self apart from other photographers Alan Mildor starting to morph his gift of photography into a building his legacy while telling the stories of others.
So this is when Mister Mildor was born in 2016, where he would have a legacy to build around his love for his father that didn't get the opportunity to see Alan Mildor's creative side, which was the gift of photography and story-telling.

This made Alan Mildor reminisce the days of seeing his father shaving his mustache in front of the mirror, which he wanted to learn once he got older, but he never got that chance to learn that lesson from his father.
So this made Alan Mildor to realize he wanted to build a legacy that will not only help tell his father stories but other fathers' stories, which will help them inspire others by paying homage to fatherhood.